Story from Kampung Tambak Bayan

Anitha Silvia Zeinul Isbat
One Chinese kampung outside Chinatown and currently in dispute, Kampung Tambak Bayan stands shrinking behind the famous Nasi Campur Tambak Bayan in Pasar Besar Wetan.

Ayorek! Journal No. 2

Editor Ayorek
City of Work, City of Woles. Tidakkah kerja juga memerlukan rehat, woles sejenak, untuk produktifitas dan keberlanjutannya?

Bank Indonesia Library Mayangkara

Adrea Kristatiani
A heritage building that used to be the best house in early 20th century is now opened as a comfortable library that promotes knowledge and activities of Surabaya's citizens.

The Colors of Gold in Pasar Atom

Deasy Esterina
Deasy spent a day accompanying her father, originally from Ambarawa, during his business trip to Surabaya. They visited jewelry stores in Pasar Atom to offer their products, ...