Sunday Market Surabaya #06 “May Day”

Sunday Market May Day

Building Coalition Againts Silent Generation

at Surabaya Town Square, 10 & 11 May 2014

“A flea market type of bazaar that rents space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise ranging from low quality items to bargain priced items of the highest quality or used goods”

SUNDAY MARKET is a conceptual market which combining four elements : Fashion, Music, Art and Good Food blending into one packed of entertainment. Held in Surabaya Town Square, designed and merchandised to meet the needs of buyers of moderate, better and contemporary collections.

Sunday Market Vol.1 “Hippieland”
Sunday Market Vol.2 “London Calling”
Sunday Market Vol.3 “NYC”
Sunday Market Vol.4 “Tokyo Rising”
Sunday Market Vol.5 “Love Affair”

The Sunday Paper Vol.1 “NYC”
The Sunday Paper Vol. 2 “Tokyo Rising”
The Sunday Paper Vol. 3 “Love Affair”


  • 94 booth of selected tenants
  • Flea / Label Market
  • Good Food Market
  • Farmer’s Market : Strawberry Fields Forever & Cactus Stall
  • Ayorek! corner
  • Cooking Class : Simple Sandwich for Workers
  • Workers Photo Booth
  • Music Stage + DJ’s
  • Group Discussion by Creative Weekend
  • The Sunday Paper
  • Record Market by Music Trade
  • Toys Collector Showcase curated by Plastic Culture
  • Sunday Market Radio (Live Streaming)
  • Launching: Friday “Sitting on Anything Cold” (Reissue Album) by Sunday Market Records
  • Green Sands Toys Photo Contest
  • Children Playground

Saturday & Sunday, 10 & 11 May 2014 / start at 12pm\

Hightime Rebellion JKT
Jirapah JKT
Friday SUB
Just SUB
Sunday Market DJ’s SUB

Surabaya Town Square, Raya Adityawarman No.55 Surabaya

From teenage to youngsters, suitable for kids and family too, giving them the unique shopping and fooding
experience and designed to built a good vibe in a cozy Sunday atmosphere.

By Soledad & The Sisters Co, CreativeWeekend, and Surabaya Town Square

Sitting On Anything Cold – Friday (reissue album)
“Sitting On Anything Cold" is an achievement of grand proportions of passion, loneliness, longing and delightfully descriptive broken English. The songs slither and shift and soar, in all the right ways at all the right times. The title track and "Sinery" are here in all their glory. The album's centerpiece "Mind To Get Close" is an epic masterstroke. A swirling, churning journey song that picks you up, takes you for a ride and deposits you somewhere you've never been before. And the instrumental "Koma" delivers a gorgeous piano number that could hold its own on a Muse album. Yeah, I said it. (Tim Tori)

Hightime Rebellion
Hightime Rebellion is an alternative rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dance is just a very simple way of describing the type of music Hightime Rebellion creates. It is merely the beat, while the rest is filled with various styles of sounds. A mix of new wave, funk, acid jazz, indie pop, psychedelic, and even folk music, can be heard when listening closely to their songs. Currently they are preparing their debut album “neurobic” under the record label FFWD records, which is to be released in May 2014.

Born simply out of being fans of music and a curiosity for composing, Jirapah has been active in New York City's music scene for some time now. Masterminded by two Indonesian kids living in Brooklyn named Ken Jenie (Guitar & Vocals) and Mar Galo (Synth/Keyboard), the band really focuses on experimenting inside and outside the studio. The music is often raw, heavy on the reverb and delay, but in its core the two's love for good, simple tunes really shines through. With their efforts they hope to contribute their own sensibilities to the colorful world of music.

Now based in Jakarta since 2010, Indonesia, Jirapah has recruited the help of Januar Kristianto, Nico Gozali and Yudhis Tira to play the drums, bass, and lead guitar, respectively. The addition of these three further expands Jirapah’s sound, creating an even more explorative set of performances.

Just is an alternative band formed by Novan Lambe (vocal) and Uky Dwi (guitar) from Surabaya in April 2013, both of them are The Frontliner’s personnel. Angga Yudha (gutar), Yanuar Rosyadi (bass), and Abraham David (drum) joined the band and released their first demo ‘Just Demo’ contains 2 songs, “In Time” dan “Trying to Sleep”. In early 2014, Yanuar Rosyadi quit the band for a career and was replaced by Raharjo Prionggo (African Air Conditioner).

Alek Kowalski

SATS Coop. By Soledad & The Sisters Co
ORE Building
Untung Suropati 83 Surabaya East Java 60264
P : +6231 5682074
Facebook : sundaymarketSBY
Twitter : @sundaymarketSBY

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Date: 10 May 2014 to 11 May 2014
Time: 12:00


Surabaya Town Square (Sutos) , Jl. Adityawarman 5 , Surabaya , Jawa Timur , Indonesia

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SATS Coop.

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