Couchsurfing Surabaya

Couchsurfing Surabaya

Couchsurfing Surabaya adalah suatu komunitas Travelling yang berada di kota Surabaya

We envision a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection. Couchsurfers share their lives with the people they encounter, fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Works & Activities

Travel the world

With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth. Travel like a local, stay in someone's home and experience the world in a way money can't buy.

Rediscover your city

There's a community of Couchsurfers near you. Many cities have weekly language exchanges, dance classes, hikes and dinners. Make new friends.

Become a host

Give back and open your home to travelers. Learn about a new culture first-hand or practice a language. Make the world a little smaller; a little friendlier.


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